WCS Metabolic Breathing Restrictor

The adjustable breathing restrictor regulator is an indispensible training tool utilized in the WCS training system. For maximum gains, its use cannot be neglected as it is used in both the P.I.T. and M.I.T. phases of training. When using the restrictor, each phase has its own unique emphases to force the desired training effects.

 In the power phase (P.I.T.) of training, the restrictor is used with an emphasis on diaphragmatic strengthening and core stability and most importantly, synchronicity throughout the kinematic chain of which, the diaphragm is the most fundamental component. Added together, their sum is maximal human power generation. 

In the metabolic phase (M.I.T.) of training, the restrictor is used with an emphasis on creating an anaerobic bodily environment to force future cellular efficiency in order to function in oxygen challenged states. This new cellular efficiency will allow the competitor to more efficiently clear the cellular waste products such as lactic acid produced by MMA competitive activity. 

 The combination of the two training modes (i.e. Power Impulse Training and Metabolic Interval Training), will grant the MMA competitor the advantage of high levels of repetitive power production for the entire duration of the match with some throttle to spare.

By Jeff Moynihan BA, CSCS